Thursday, December 3, 2015

Free Download Vector: Bike Sepeda Onta

This is today artwork for my client. I think I have to share this here. Because maybe you will need some high quality vector for your design resources. There are so many bike vectors in internet but they are just silhouette. This vector is more complicated than just a silhouette. Happy downloading..

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Free Download Vector: Headache

Today I have a job making poster for client. And it's talk about headache. I search image of headache face and then I trace with simple style. Without shading. I share this vector because there's nothing vector like this in worldwide web. So, here the preview. And here you can download for free:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Hi guys, this is vector of BECAK, or you may call it tricycle? But I think this is origin from Indonesia. My country. And BECAK is not for children.

This is kind of transportation and right now is rare here. So sad. Talking about BECAK, in my city, is rare using manual pedals. Right now they modify the pedals into diesel machine. So, they are not doing sport exercise again! They driver just sit down and ride the machine. It's not cool anymore. And it makes pollution everywhere.

The bad news is the driver does not wear a helmet. And they don't require driver license. So, it's not fair I think. Anyway, this is BECAK VECTOR that I have made for my client. This is just being a decoration, so I will share here for free.
Below is the download link. EPS file, you can import to your Corel Draw software or open directly using Adobe Illustrator.
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