Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome to My Vector Collections

This is my new blog. That is contained by my vector collection. I like manually drawing. And vector graphic is my pleasure to make my hobbies happen. When I was a little size, my teacher in my basic school always participate me to drawing competition. Although I never be a winner, but until now, I'm still love drawing so much.

When I find drawing computer program, such as Corel Draw. I can't stop to always practice and practice. Right now, I have a full time job as a vector graphic designer. I'm doing real face vector and cartoon face vector. I also receive order from you to redraw logo or bitmap object into a vector.

If you wanna have face vector like picture below, you can send me your photo/image to my email:
I will decide the special price for you. But, to make sure, you can check a few of my collection below.

my vector style

I have at least four style vector. Those are Cartoon vector, very cartoon vector, real vector and outlines vector. You can choose what ever you want and I will give you special price. Because now days is still in promo. Just hurry up to order!


ndop on January 9, 2010 at 10:30 AM said...

I wanna test to comment my post..

You have to try as good as possible to write in English. Because I wanna practice English from you.. so, just feel free to comment in English. No body wanna tease you... be confident!

Rudi Erwin said...

Salam kenal.... bagaimana cara buat vektor?? bisa ajarin gak? saya bisa menggunakan corel. tapi saya tidak tahu langkah2 nya ... saya gak bisa dapat membuat pencahayaan sehingga sewaktu saya menggambar saya kesusahan..

samza said...

,,keren gan, ajarin dong..
,saya sedikit" bisa pake corel..
tpi yg sya sulitkan pemilihan warnanya, ..
ajarin dong gann

Anonymous said...

Use Corel draw

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