Sunday, February 21, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector: Cute Ghost

Right now, I don't know why I'm addicted to make illustration. Like Playing kids illustration, couple in love illustration, robot in love illustration, etc. And last night, I try to draw illustration again. And I don't know why I wanna draw ghost? It's suddenly appear in my brain that I have to make something frightening.

Cute ghost, is my creation. The inspiration is coming from Sadako, the famous ghost from Japan. I make it and try to convert it into cute one. And after 2 hours, I've done it. Here it is...

I make that illustration for my facebook photo profile. I've got a lot of positive comments. So, it makes me more spirit to do some illustration again. What next illustration? coming soon.... lol.

You can download Cute ghost for your collection. You can use it for your illustration resources or just for fun.



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