Thursday, February 4, 2010

Download Line Art Vector: penguins

here some penguins in line art vector. I just drawing it free for you. Because someday my hand can't stop working on vector work. And as an owner, I have to follow my hand's needs. And I open corel draw I software and start tracing manually the shape of penguin.

I start tracing from eyes and then go down to legs and feet. The difficult is, penguin has a fur, so I have to hardly work to modify the fur into nice line. I don't have to follow all of fur, just adding a little bit in a certain part. It's done.

Wanna have one like this, but maybe your face in line art vector? just contact me at

If you wanna learn about what I've done, you can download for free the master file (Corel Draw 11) below.



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