Sunday, April 25, 2010

Download Vector: Teletubbies Po

After I've finished the yellow teletubbies, Lala, right now I will share for you special vector again, that is Po. The red teletubbies one. Po is the cutest of all teletubbies. Because it is funny and the youngest one. So, it like a baby.

We all know that teletubbies is the famous serial TV for children all over the world. It's become famous too here in my country Indonesia. My little brother always watch them every morning after back to school. It's kinda make him refreshing from his school work.

Here it is the preview:

Finally, after several time, maybe one-two hours, my vector version of teletubbies is done. Po was created by tracing manually by my hand. My magic hand! lol. The bitmap image is not in high resolution, so I have to work hard to draw it and predict what the eyes, hand, nose should be.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.


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