Sunday, May 30, 2010

Download vector: Girl's Shopping

After not posting in several days, now I have vector to share. This vector I make to support my new wordpress theme. The theme is Girly and about shopping. The theme is free to download and so do this vector.

This vector I make by redraw the real one. I found the real one on search engine an I find the poor quality of image. So, I decide to redraw it into cartoon vector. If we try to compare with the real one, you will not find the same face. So, the face is can't be recognized. Because I change little bit.

Do you like the picture above. It's beautiful right? You can use the master file (Corel Draw) and apply it to your illustration or header template. Or maybe you wanna use this picture for your shop. Wow, that is a brilliant idea.

You can download the master file corel draw by clicking below link.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Vectorize is not Easy

Someday I went to my friends home long way from my house. I went to his house by train. The weather is very hot. So, when I'm in a train, I always clean my swept. 5 hours left, I arrived to my friends home with T-shirt full of wet swept. And then I take a bath and chat with my friend. Talking about what I do and what he does.

He interest what I do in vector graphic, so he wants me to teach him how to. The next day, he is ready to learn vector graphic from me. I teach him step by step. Vector graphic just need one big thing, that is patient!

I look my friend's doing. Then I smile. Because my friend is doing vectorize without patient, so I found messy outline every where. Then I tell him that he has to hold your breath to make more concentrate drawing each line. But he always doing fast without carefully.

So, this is the result of image that he has made (without patiently):

The left side is made by my friend and the right side is made by me. You can compare the result with or without patient. If you just think fast and done, you will not have a good result. For example is the left image made by my friend. Although it takes longer time than I do, but he's moving the mouse fast without patient. So, the nodes is messy. The faster playing pen tool (or bezier tool), the longer you get the result. The point is: Patient and careful makes sure!

Now I realized that what I do right now is not everybody can do. Vectorize is not quite easy to do. Needs experience and one more time: patiently. I am grateful that God has provided this expertise. Thanks God.

I will share my file (not my friend's file) Thundercat logo (cartoon serial 90s) in EPS file. You can download for free. Extract it first and open it using AI or Corel draw.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Download Vector: Beautiful Butterfly

When I create a header for my Flower Garden Wordpress Template, I draw beautiful butterfly. I find the butterfly from search engine and then trace it manually and make changes little bit. I copy it several time and rotate and flip to make random butterfly. You can check the theme by clicking the link that I mentioned above.

Here the preview:

Drawing butterfly is quite fast. Because we just draw one side. And then copy it and flip horizontal and combine it. It's done! You can try to draw another animal like bee, the fly, which is has symmetrical shape. But don't use that way to draw human face, it will looks weird. Because we are different with animals.

OK, I think I have to share my file again. Below is the link that you can download for free for your vector collection.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Download Vector WPAP: Bjork

If you don't know what is WPAP, you can go back to my post before. Since a week ago, I always busy to make WPAP vector. One day one creation or more. So, I feel so tired and almost frustration. Because I'm still not professional like other WPAP artist. I feel confuse what color that I have to choose that represent the deep of the face, what shape that represent the face correctly, is it harmony color, is it good enough, and many more problem.

But finally after I'm busy with the coloring and shaping, I have already finished Bjork Wedha's Pop Art Portrait with positive responses from my facebook friend. They all say that my artwork is good enough (for newbe). I'm so surprised and happy.

Below is the bjork's WPAP, my artwork:

So, I will share my file for you, maybe you will learn about what I've done. I'm still using my Corel Draw software because using corel is still has complete and easy to use interface. You download the CDR file from the link below.



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still Learning My New Vector Style: WPAP

What is WPAP? WPAP is Wedha's Pop Art Portrait. The new vector style coming from Indonesian people (like me). Two thumbs up for him! He is getting older now, so, we have to make new generation. So, a boy like me should be the the new generation for him.

For that reason, I still learn how to make vector like him. He does vector like cubism. The vector is contain only square object. No circle. And the corner of every object should be connected each other. You can see the image below:

You can see how beautiful picture. He always do pop art for artists. Like the picture above, you can recognize Pearl Jam, Kurt Cobain, and Elvis Presley. I like the color. It's so Pop, so happy and full of spirit, no sadness.

And after about 4 hours I do like he does, finally I've finished Pop art work. Not too bad, but still imperfect. Still have to fix this and that. You can see my Pop art artwork below:

My Pop art called "Bjork" is get positive comment from Wedha. I feel so happy. And then for "my self portrait", I've got constructive comment. That was, I have to make clear the nose part. Yes, I feel that the nose is unclear and unidentified. Maybe next time I'll do my best and fix all of that problems.

No download for this moment. Because I'm not confident to share my vector right now. Because I still need to more practice again to make better Pop artwork. Thank you for coming here and don't forget to leave a comments. ;)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Download Vector: Fortune Cat (EPS Illustrator)

This is my first vector that I make using Adobe Illustrator. Before this, I always make vector using Corel Draw. Because in Indonesia, Corel is more famous that Adobe Illustrator. All the digital printing company, always using Corel for their activity. Maybe, for me, Corel is more simple than Adobe Illustrator. Easy to use and it's complete.

But, this day I try to make vector using Illustrator. Why? it's because in other country, Illustrator is more famous than Corel. Although the file vector result is bigger than corel (AI file is bigger than CDR file), but adobe Illustrator has many kinds of amazing effect. I know it from vector design that I found on deviant art. It's always brilliant and amazing.

For the opening, I make something simple first, I don't try hard to make something amazing. Because I can't do that right now. This time, I only try to learn layer, coloring, eyedropper. And finally, after an hour, I've made this Fortune Cat:

Maybe this is not the right time to make that illustrator, because there's no Chinese ceremony. But never mind, I hope this blog is still alive for next years. So, when it comes the ceremony, people can visit this blog to download the file and print it on T-shirt, bag or something else.

This time, I share my file is EPS (Encapsulated Post Script). Besides Adobe Illustrator, you can also open this file EPS using Corel Draw. The original file size is 180 KB. To make it smaller file size, we have to compress it using winzip. So, we get only 39 KB for zip file. OK, just feel free to download it. Thank you for coming..


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Line Art Vector Mariah Carey Angel Advocate For Sale

A few months ago, I try to make design for my online store. At that moment, Mariah Carey is booming with her big concert Angel Advocate. I think, people wanna have something memorable to memorize her concert. So, I decide to make cover Mariah Carey Angel Advocate and make it to be line art vector. I start to search my file and not for a long time I found that image.

After 2 hours manually tracing into line art vector. Finally I've done it. The beautiful Mariah Carey is done in line art vector. I feel so happy and then not wasting time again, I post it in my online store.

Two days later I open my online store and I'm shock! Why I'm shock? Just because my line art vector Mariah Carey The Angel Advocate is gone! I don't how can be like that. And then I go to my account and my vector is still there. Then I thing, maybe it because of copy right. So, I delete my vector on my account and try to sell here in my vector blog.

I don't understand, I just redraw and make it totally different and I'm not just pick and sell it, and you know all the picture that I download is free form But never mind, I'm OK.

OK, as usual, I'm not gonna sell it in high price, you just spent your paypal $15 to get that vector. Just email me at, so I can send the corel draw, Ai or eps file for you.

Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Interesting Display in Trade Show

As we know, nowadays there are many ways to get a lot of customer. Before we can get many customers, the most important thing is how to attract or get customer attention especially in special event like exhibition. When we get customer’s attention, at least there is an opportunity. The main problem is how we can get their attention? Yeah, of course in the exhibition, we can add some interesting display to support our expo. What kind of display we need to get the customer’s attention?

We can think the simple way to get their attraction. We can add simple display like table skirts that suitable to our product or service that we offer. It is also important to keep the clean and neat. Therefore people love to enjoy our presentation about our products or services. We can also set banner stands with our company logo and attractive visualization. To get more attractive we can also use Pipe and Drape to make our show booths.

See, there is no need to think complicated. There is one important thing for trade show booths. It is important to make our customer comfortable. That is the most important thing in our product or service presentation.
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