Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still Learning My New Vector Style: WPAP

What is WPAP? WPAP is Wedha's Pop Art Portrait. The new vector style coming from Indonesian people (like me). Two thumbs up for him! He is getting older now, so, we have to make new generation. So, a boy like me should be the the new generation for him.

For that reason, I still learn how to make vector like him. He does vector like cubism. The vector is contain only square object. No circle. And the corner of every object should be connected each other. You can see the image below:

You can see how beautiful picture. He always do pop art for artists. Like the picture above, you can recognize Pearl Jam, Kurt Cobain, and Elvis Presley. I like the color. It's so Pop, so happy and full of spirit, no sadness.

And after about 4 hours I do like he does, finally I've finished Pop art work. Not too bad, but still imperfect. Still have to fix this and that. You can see my Pop art artwork below:

My Pop art called "Bjork" is get positive comment from Wedha. I feel so happy. And then for "my self portrait", I've got constructive comment. That was, I have to make clear the nose part. Yes, I feel that the nose is unclear and unidentified. Maybe next time I'll do my best and fix all of that problems.

No download for this moment. Because I'm not confident to share my vector right now. Because I still need to more practice again to make better Pop artwork. Thank you for coming here and don't forget to leave a comments. ;)


abaz said...

Harganya bisa kurang nggak nih.. He3x

witara on September 5, 2011 at 10:46 PM said...

buat vektor memang perlu imajinasi serta daya seni yg tinggi. keren abizz,,,

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