Friday, July 16, 2010

Download Vector: White Splash Milk

A lot of days I spent for the splash design. I'm still confuse what to do with the splash. I think I have to more practice to draw manually by hand and redraw it into vector. This splash is too realistic to be a design of milkshake. It needs more cartoon like the cute cow from my previous post (I have already delete it, somebody buy the copyright).

So, I think it's better if I share my file here. To let you know that I have done manually all the vectors here. My previous vector is too water like. This is milk like but too real style. Don't know what to do. I just can say sorry cause I'm terrible to draw manually using pencil on a white paper. So, if you wanna work with me easily, just give me the picture and then I redraw it.

There are a lot of illustrator, but only a few can convert it into vector file (like Ai or CDR). That is my service offered of this blog. Which is convert bitmap into vector service. You can check all the vector here I draw manually using bezier tool. Like below milk splash:

So, maybe next time I will practice to draw illustration. So, I know what to do if someone need my help to design something. OK, just calm down for this moment, below is the link that you can download for free. Inside zip file is Ai (Adobe Illustrator) file. I use corel draw and save as Adobe Illustrator. I hope you enjoy it.



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