Friday, November 12, 2010 Offer Creating Avatar

Making avatar is not as easy as you guess. We have to know the character of each face. So, the concept is take e longer time than the execution. Different with convert bitmap to vector, tracing face, those just need patient and concentrate, no imagination needed. Creating avatar is the opposite. Full imagination with lack of concentrate to make it.

For the first trial, I make my own avatar. I convert from my image into cute one. Check below picture:

avatar ndop

I just imagine the left image into cute one. So, the right image is the result. How cute is?

I try to make another image, now I try to make mature woman. I convert is into cute one. Still mature but with cute feels. Here it is:

mature woman avatar

Look that I still make the mature woman is looks mature although in cute way. It needs more imagination.

Now, I try to make avatar of girl with specific character. She is silent but in other way, she is fun with her word on chat or tweet. Here it is.

girl avatar

She is talkative in chat, sms, or tweet, but looks silent and shy in a real daily life. So, that's it. I just let the Shirt is still and I make the smile is not quite wide to represent that she is self-conscious.

Look more example below. That's me, wearing cream hat with smile.

hat-smile avatar

So, if you wanna have one for your avatar, I can help you. Just send me picture of you to my email: I'm sorry that it's not for free. You just need to spend little money to my paypal. Just a cup of tea maybe and you'll get unique avatar represent your face. Happy order!


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