Saturday, August 18, 2012

Download Vector Handshake Idul Fitri

Happy Idul Fitri anyone. This is special gift from me Handshake vector. It's suitable enough to use this vector for greeting card maybe. Or you can use this for your twitter avatar or facebook. Just redesign it with your won words. Handshake is tradition. In this country, Indonesia, when you wanna say apology to someone, it usually with a handshake and smile of course.
Hand shake Idul Fitri
Handshake line art I make using Corel Draw X4 and then I export it into EPS file to make it can be opened using any kind of vector software. Okay I will not wasting words again. Here the download link for free.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Download Vector: Girl With Headphone

Very long time no post here. because actually I just don't forget this blog. Damn! that's criminal for me! LOL. There's a lot of job everyday. And if I have free time, I like to go somewhere outside this small city (maybe some random city). I think God bless me. But in other way, this blog is lack of post. :( So, this is Girl With Headphone that I have to share the file here (in EPS format). This illustration is taken from tracing photograph from google. I make is simple and cartoon style. Actually this is order from my friend. I make this illustration for online web banner.
Girl With Headphone
Too much talking is not good, so this is the EPS file that can download for free. Happy romadlon and happy download. See you next time.. (when? I don't know! LOL )

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Download Vector Basmallah

Hi, there. I just wanna share my new vector. OK this is a lot of font containing basmallah. But you can zoom it, and you will find that it is rough everywhere. There are so many unwanted nodes. So, I decided to make it smooth because I don't want my vector is not perfect. The only one way to make it smooth is redraw it! I make basmallah vector from beginning. Tracing is about half an hour maybe. It's done with pleasure. Check below pic. Unfortunately, my client want me to delete the basmallah text on my design. That's why I have to share here to appreciate my own artwork -_- As always, I make it free for you to download. Check the download link below.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

You Must Try this Web Hosting

Now a lot of outstanding web hosting. They offer a wide range of facilities with a varied price range. Not infrequently, they are only providing a good hosting service for only a few months. After several months, the service deteriorated. This makes consumers become disappointed and have to move your website hosting for a better performance.

I have experience of web hosting. About three years ago I had a chance to move hosting to web hosting service that I think is cheaper. A month went by really good service, but after that my website is often down. My blog visitors were disappointed. Moreover, there is a drawing tutorial on my website widely read by the visitors every time. I also do business in my website. As a result I was confused and messed up my mind. I do not want to disappoint customers and visitors of my blog who want to learn to draw.

In one night, I opened my hosting control panels. Apparently I can not enter into it. Server is down. I was very disappointed. What is happening? Then I asked it to search engines. Apparently it's not my fault, it's purely a server error or other error premises words web hosting provider. Having had little money to move web hosting, I was trying to move. And I like to move in a new web hosting. Although more expensive, but the service is not so disappointing. Apparently the quality is always supported by the high tariff.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Download Vector Line Art Mountain Biker

Oh my God, Finally I've done this line art vector. I use this lineart for my bike club t-shirt design. His name is Let's get lost. We often strayed into a place that we do not recognize.But it was really fun. Because we are always compact with each other. When we meet the crossroads, we always asking the right direction to farmers. The farmers welcomed us with joy. They are happy to help show the way we had to pass.

So, we plan to make our shirts together when cycling. It will be fun. Because we will be the center of attention in the streets. Some people ride a bike and wear a bike helmet with full wheel mud and uniformed really very interesting.

Look at the successful design that I created just now. Under the bike I will add the logo. And will be the next T-shirt design our uniforms. At the back of the shirt will be given only the logo. For color T-shirt yet we think. We need to discuss it further.

Cool, right?

So if you want to download EPS files can be opened using software corel draw or adobe illustrator, you can download it at the link below. Thank you so much


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Download Vector Gear

I have a new hobby. Actually not a new hobby, because I've done this sport for a long long time ago. But I have to say new hobby because it's the extreme one. Bike Off road! So, every Sunday I will go to the center of a town and gather with several new friends and we go to mountain to do an off road!

Yeah, we are across a river too. we will be cycling through the rice fields. Up the mountain down the mountain. It would be fun at all if done together. Fatigue will not be felt because of the cool mountain air.

And we'll make a t-shirt design for our bike club. The design should be linked by bicycle. And I start to gear bike. I downloaded a lot of vector gears in the internet but have not found a bicycle gear. So I decided to draw it yourself using software that I like, that is Corel Draw.

And here's the finished gear design I created. Notice the blue gear. That's my own work in EPS files. Another Gears Vector is created by others.

download vector gears

Happy download.. :D

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