Friday, January 20, 2012

Download Vector Line Art Mountain Biker

Oh my God, Finally I've done this line art vector. I use this lineart for my bike club t-shirt design. His name is Let's get lost. We often strayed into a place that we do not recognize.But it was really fun. Because we are always compact with each other. When we meet the crossroads, we always asking the right direction to farmers. The farmers welcomed us with joy. They are happy to help show the way we had to pass.

So, we plan to make our shirts together when cycling. It will be fun. Because we will be the center of attention in the streets. Some people ride a bike and wear a bike helmet with full wheel mud and uniformed really very interesting.

Look at the successful design that I created just now. Under the bike I will add the logo. And will be the next T-shirt design our uniforms. At the back of the shirt will be given only the logo. For color T-shirt yet we think. We need to discuss it further.

Cool, right?

So if you want to download EPS files can be opened using software corel draw or adobe illustrator, you can download it at the link below. Thank you so much


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Download Vector Gear

I have a new hobby. Actually not a new hobby, because I've done this sport for a long long time ago. But I have to say new hobby because it's the extreme one. Bike Off road! So, every Sunday I will go to the center of a town and gather with several new friends and we go to mountain to do an off road!

Yeah, we are across a river too. we will be cycling through the rice fields. Up the mountain down the mountain. It would be fun at all if done together. Fatigue will not be felt because of the cool mountain air.

And we'll make a t-shirt design for our bike club. The design should be linked by bicycle. And I start to gear bike. I downloaded a lot of vector gears in the internet but have not found a bicycle gear. So I decided to draw it yourself using software that I like, that is Corel Draw.

And here's the finished gear design I created. Notice the blue gear. That's my own work in EPS files. Another Gears Vector is created by others.

download vector gears

Happy download.. :D

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