Monday, December 13, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector: Green Crocodile

It's time to update my cartoon file. This is crocodile. But different with my crocodile before. This is more simple and more animal. My crocodile before is more like an human.

This crocodile is I make for video vector tutorial, but the video still raw and I have to fills it with my voice to explain this and that. I need more time to do that. I don't know when it finished.

Download Cartoon Vector: Green Crocodile

So, I think it only 15 minutes to done. It a simple vector but adorable shape. is not easy as you guess right, although it's simple, but the shape is very important to note. Need more hold breath and more patient. Cause simple vector make someone focus on your shape of vector.

OK, I will share my file again a I promise. Here is EPS file. You can download it for free and just open using Adobe Illustrator or import it using Corel Draw. Thank you and happy download!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Download Cute Lion Cartoon Vector

Hi there, what's up bro? hehe.. Just wanna say hello to everyone. After a weeks full of job, this day is time to share my file again. This is still with cute things. Cute animal. Yes this is Cute Lion Cartoon Vector.

Vector means that you can make it bigger as you want without any quality change. This is my own original creation. I just find it somewhere and I redraw it and retouch with little change and lighting.

I just wanna share my vector to you the reader of this blog. Hope you like it.

Here the EPS vector file that you can download for free. Just open using Adobe Illustrator or import it to your Corel Draw Software. Happy download bro and sist!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Download Vector: Simple Cute Rabbit

This is the final trilogy of my post before. Cutie thing. We have already cat, dog and this is the last but not least Rabbit.

With soft blue color, this rabbit is adorable. Adding carrot makes the character stronger. The round tail and the unique ears make this rabbit is recognized.

Download Vector: Simple Cute Rabbit

Yes, we have three simple cute animal right now. And don't forget to come back here with the adorable vector. Just subscribe your email and you will get the update. We automatically send the update to your email.

OK as always, you can download for free the EPS vector file below. Happy download. See you next post. ;)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Download Vector: Simple Cute Dog

This is the next post from my post before: Simple Cute Cat. This is simple too. But dog version. It's similar shape but you know dog has unique ears. And you know the bone, that makes the character stronger. That is the strategy.

Download Vector: Simple Cute Dog

Oh, it so lovely and adorable dog right? Yes, of course, simple thing make adorable. If it's in the real life shape, oh, what the cutest animal in the world.

TIPS: Don't forget to add shadow at the bottom. Cause it can makes your illustration is more real and life. Add the little highlight in the corner makes your illustration is up and shiny.

OK, here the download link to make you happy. It's EPS file, so you can open it using Ai or import it to Corel Draw.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Download Vector: Simple Cute Cat

This morning, I try to spent a little bit time to draw something to update this blog. So I started to search cute image in search engine. And I find something cute. Cute cat with simple shape. So, this is very good to practice your vector skill. Just draw through the bezier tool and make sure you do the right way.

Making something simple not easy as you guess, you must do carefully to make a good shape. See the picture below:

Download Vector: Simple Cute Cat

As you see the above picture, the shape is very important to be perfect. Don't forget to make unique shape. So, you are not only doing the circle, but also you change the circle little bit to make unique.

Here the EPS file that you can download for free. Thanks for coming here and happy download. See you...


Friday, November 12, 2010 Offer Creating Avatar

Making avatar is not as easy as you guess. We have to know the character of each face. So, the concept is take e longer time than the execution. Different with convert bitmap to vector, tracing face, those just need patient and concentrate, no imagination needed. Creating avatar is the opposite. Full imagination with lack of concentrate to make it.

For the first trial, I make my own avatar. I convert from my image into cute one. Check below picture:

avatar ndop

I just imagine the left image into cute one. So, the right image is the result. How cute is?

I try to make another image, now I try to make mature woman. I convert is into cute one. Still mature but with cute feels. Here it is:

mature woman avatar

Look that I still make the mature woman is looks mature although in cute way. It needs more imagination.

Now, I try to make avatar of girl with specific character. She is silent but in other way, she is fun with her word on chat or tweet. Here it is.

girl avatar

She is talkative in chat, sms, or tweet, but looks silent and shy in a real daily life. So, that's it. I just let the Shirt is still and I make the smile is not quite wide to represent that she is self-conscious.

Look more example below. That's me, wearing cream hat with smile.

hat-smile avatar

So, if you wanna have one for your avatar, I can help you. Just send me picture of you to my email: I'm sorry that it's not for free. You just need to spend little money to my paypal. Just a cup of tea maybe and you'll get unique avatar represent your face. Happy order!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Download Vector : Camera

Long time no post. Finally I've got this time to post here. As a graphic designer, I have a lot of job few days ago. My pleasure. But the risk is, this blog is no update. So, this is the right time to update, because today I'm free.

Actually this new vector is a part of my client order. My client orders his photo with camera to me to convert it into vector. So, after he paid some money, I started to work on it. The longest time is drawing camera part. Cause, I can't just do it simple, I have to do little bit detail because I don't want people can not recognize the camera.

After about one hour, I finished draw the camera. I play with shadow and lighting, so it looks real. You can check image below:

So... Yeah it's a tired job, but it's OK because I love to do it. After I finished all vector, my eyes can't stand open again. So, you can guess how long I sleep after that. It's about 10 hours I spend to sleep only!

OK, to make you happy, I will share that camera vector file below. Just feel free to download it. Thanks for coming and reading and downloading.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Download Vector : Cute Bird For Twitter

Hi there, happy Iedul Fitri. Hope that your fasting is accepted by God and we are like a baby with the white paper, clean and free from sin. Aamiin..

This is first post to greet Ied Mubarok. A little fat cute bird. You can use it for your twitter icon. Put on your blog with your custom text. Look at my blog, I just use it on my blog too. I added text and twitter plugin to make my fans always stay update my twit.

How it looks? it's cute right? I hope you like it. For custom text and custom color, just ask me to email I will work for you with special price. ;)

For you who wanna make your own design, here the master file of Cute Bird For Twitter. Just free to download and enjoy your design time.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Download Vector : Beautiful Flowers

Hi there, this time I would like to share my vector job from client. But I will share piece of that. That is the flowers. So, yesterday I worked all day long and spent about 12 hours tracing vector. What an awful day. But I'm OK because I'm happy doing that.

So, the longest time tracing part is the flowers. I'm not saying the most difficult, but the longest. It's quite easy, but it takes a long time to do it. But, the result is accordance with my expectation. Nice work!

Here the screenshot:

Look at the beautiful flowers above, it like an real one right? You know that I just tracing each parts of the original image and then colorize using eyedropper tool and paintbucket tool. Not quite detail but not too messy, so, it's just OK. ;)

And, here the download file Ai (inside zip file) for free.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Download Vector : Basmallah (Bismillaahirrohmaanirrohim)

Hi, this time is Romadlon time. And you may know it that this time Moslem people is doing fasting. Which is they are forbidden to eat and drink and enter something (food, drink, etc) in the body. They do it from Subuh (when the sunrise in the morning) to Maghrib (when the sunset in the evening).

They also have to increase the godly. Because this month is very blessing time. So, this time I will share my file. That is Basmallah vector. Basmallah (Bismillaahirrohmaanirrohiim) is used to start reading a prayer words. Basmallah also used to start when you are reading Al-Qur'an.

So, this basmallah vector is very useful for you who wanna have basmallah in a big size. So you can printed out as big as you like with no crack.

You can see the beautiful basmallah above. As my opinion, Arabic font is the most beautiful font ever. None font can bite it! Calligraphy using Arabic font is the most beautiful calligraphy ever! a must have for your home decoration.

OK, below is the link that you can download for free. It's EPS file. You can open using Adobe Illustrator or import it using Corel draw. Enjoy your download and happy romadlon!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Download Vector cartoon: Fat, Cute Chubby Cat

I miss my share post. So, this early morning (it's 1.14 am), I decided to draw cute cat vector. Not only cute, but it is also chubby and you can see it smiles and happy. So, this cat I dedicate to you who feel happy.

It's about an hour I make this cute chubby cat. The first step, I search the cat in google and then draw a sketch in a paper. I search cat image to google is just for to make it sure the proportion of cat. So, I have a red line to draw cat and then I do my self style. Here the result:

Look at my cat, is it cute? Yes of course, very cute, chubby and lazy but always happy. Are you like my cat? I looks like above cat. Chubby, happy, always smile every day.

Here it the download link. it's EPS file. You can open it using Adobe Illustrator or import it using corel draw. Ok, happy download.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Learning to Draw Caricature

Hi there, how are you today. For me this day is very tired. Because in my town there's a carnival. This day is the basic school turn. The little boy and girl are make up and culture dressed. There are so many cultures in Indonesia, such as Java, Aceh, Papua, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, etc. So, this carnival is full color and very pop! I like that!

So, this post, I will tell my story e few days ago. I'm learning how to draw caricature. I have so many friend in facebook, several of them are artist. Such as vector graphic designer, caricature designer, painter, so many different occupation. So, I always get a lot of picture tag from them. One of the picture tag is caricature.

I'm so challenged to learn and make at least one caricature of my self image, if I feel I don't have a talent to make it, I leave it. So, that night, with the breeze, I start to sketch on a paper looking at my picture at laptop screen. Once is failed, I try once again, failed again, try once again, and I feel comfort and upload it on my facebook photo collection.

Here it is:

It's imperfect, but it's done! lol. My friend tell me that my caricature is success and good enough. The point is my caricature is similar with my face. lol. Thank you so much for comment my caricature.

If we compare with my friends caricature, my creation is far away from good. But this is my first artwork, so, I think I do a good job. Next time, I will do hardly to make the better one. I hope it will done better than this. Thanks for reading my post. God bless you.

Monday, August 2, 2010

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Oxis International provides detailed info on the products. You can see for getting more info on Ergothioneine. You can go to the website to get to know more on penny stocks and other program from this company. See Oxis on Twitter to get the latest update on this company. Then, you can join and see Oxis on facebook to meet other consumers of Oxis products.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Convert Your Self Portrait into Pop Art Style

Hi there, how are you today? I have something special for you. Right now, I start to make a new service in this blog. That is Convert Your Self Portrait into Pop Art Style. What I do is, I will make your self image into straight line and there's no curve at all. Just straight line and straight line. So you will find your face into squares.

I'm not only doing your face into squares, but I also make little bit improvisation to make unique and unpredictable artwork. I have a lot of friends that make same like I do. But they just change the curve into straight line. So, their artwork just like a convert curve to straight line tool. Their artwork is predictable.

Not only consist of straight lines, but also have a POP color. The bright color like Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, which is represent the lighting of your face. The colors will form your face depth. So, I'm not only just "coloring" your face, but I also make it blend and represent the face depth.

Here the example:

That is called Wedha's Pop Art Portrait. The founder is illustrator named Wedha Abdul Rasyid from Indonesia.

So, there's no automatic tool at all. It's just manually drawing. If you wanna make a poster design, this Pop Art style is very good for that. The colors is eye catchy. The unique sense is make people curious.

What about the price, it start only $50. You can email me at for ask a question.

Here some of my Pop Style artwork:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Download Vector: White Splash Milk

A lot of days I spent for the splash design. I'm still confuse what to do with the splash. I think I have to more practice to draw manually by hand and redraw it into vector. This splash is too realistic to be a design of milkshake. It needs more cartoon like the cute cow from my previous post (I have already delete it, somebody buy the copyright).

So, I think it's better if I share my file here. To let you know that I have done manually all the vectors here. My previous vector is too water like. This is milk like but too real style. Don't know what to do. I just can say sorry cause I'm terrible to draw manually using pencil on a white paper. So, if you wanna work with me easily, just give me the picture and then I redraw it.

There are a lot of illustrator, but only a few can convert it into vector file (like Ai or CDR). That is my service offered of this blog. Which is convert bitmap into vector service. You can check all the vector here I draw manually using bezier tool. Like below milk splash:

So, maybe next time I will practice to draw illustration. So, I know what to do if someone need my help to design something. OK, just calm down for this moment, below is the link that you can download for free. Inside zip file is Ai (Adobe Illustrator) file. I use corel draw and save as Adobe Illustrator. I hope you enjoy it.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Download vector: Splash Water 4 colors

Someday I have a job to make splash milk. And then I search the real water in internet. I find several real water. And then I redraw it into vector style and make it 4 colors. And then I give to my client.

My client said that my splash is not like milkshake. It is looks like juice. He said that my vector needs more cartoon like. And then I try to draw splash by hand in paper. And capture it and redraw it into vector. Then I give to him. Finally he likes my vector.

So, what happen with my splash water before? I will share it here. The juice splash water in 4 colors. You can make it for ads or support your design. Place it in the bottom of your design is adorable for your juice product.

I don't have any words to say anymore, below is the link that you can download for free. File type is zip. Extract first and you'll see EPS file. You can open it using corel (via import) or adobe illustrator. Thanks for coming.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Download Vector EPS: Cute Crocodile Cartoon

I have a job from client and he just give me free to draw mascot of merchandise. The mascot is related into crocodile and shark or something else which is represent the town. He wants me not quickly to decide the mascot. It needs some serious concept and philosophy.

Honestly, I don't like client like him. Because he just let me think by my self. Why I don't like it? because, you can imagine how long the design is done. Because if I have an idea and then I tell him about my idea, and he likes, it's OK. But what about if he doesn't like my idea? The hard thinking that I spent is gone by the win!

The good client is, he or she has to tell me the concept. Because he is the owner of company, not me. So, he knows what he thinks, not me. The situation is different if I work with him and he pay me salary every month. I'm a freelancer. So, you must pay my time every hours or days. Can you?

Because of, he is my friend, so, I just relax and not to be stress to think hard. I will wait for his idea and then realize his idea into design. But, I like to draw by my self and share to somebody. So, this cute crocodile is FREE for you!

I think if we have company, not always have a mascot right? Logo I think is enough. So, I email him and tell that I can help him for a logo, not a mascot. If he ask me for a mascot, he has to tell me the concept, I don't like to work every day (thinking is a work) and he doesn't pay me for that (cause I'm a freelance, not his employer).

So, thank you so much for reading my "diary" post. For reading my sharing story. Hope you enjoy and happy. Why? Because I will share my file!! You can download for free the EPS file (can be opened using Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and another vector software)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Download Vector: COOL ROBOT

A few days ago, I've got a job to redraw robot and make little bit change on colors and add shield on its arm. But right now, I'm not finish yet. Because I'm still don't have any idea where can I put shield in its arms. Because, the hand position is in front of its chest.

And then I search another robot and I find robot with shield but in other position. I feel so confuse how to change the hand position of this robot. Because I don't know the detail of its hand. So, I pending my job and start to post here.

Forget about my job first, and feel free to post my robot here. I will share what I have already redraw the rest robot. But, I remove the wing. The robot earlier has a wing like Superman. This is the without wing version.

cool robot

The robot is cool. The pose is arrogant. But it's OK. It's just a robot. Is the robot like 3D? Yes of course. I just redraw the bitmap version. And doing carefully on its shadow by playing with gradient color. I try to not using transparency. Because it will increase the file size.

OK, I will share the corel draw file. Just feel free to download below link:


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Marilyn Monroe and Mariah Carey In Pop Art Style

Long time no post, I'm still busy with my freelance job. But right now is a free day. I can post here again. Actually, I wanna post here once a day, but when it comes a lot of job, my time is lost and I'm so tired if I post here after doing my freelance job.

So, this day, I wake in the morning and try to post here again. I will share my new Pop Art style. First, I will share my Marilyn Monroe Pop Art. I choose Wedha's Pop Art Portrait. Because this style is coming from my country, Indonesia.

That is my newest pop art style. I'm still waiting for comment from my friend facebook. A few comment I have got. They say that I do faceting better than before. You can see the face fields. It contains of squares and there's no circle at all. Drawing Pop Art like that is pretty hard but nice, because it need a long time journey to find your own style.

Here my next Pop art: Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey is my number one favorite singer beside bjork and Marilyn. Marilyn Monroe I just have 21 songs and I feel in love with her sexy voice. Mariah also has sexy voice, I like a woman singer that has sexy voice and feminine. But why I love bjork too? I don't know, she is just avant-garde for me.

My Mariah Carey Pop Art has a several constructive comment. Such as, it's too bright on the face, the light is too strong and bright. So, make it little bit more dark is better. It's OK I'm still learning about this and that.

I like to always share my art work at my facebook. Because it's not only I can get a lot of new friends, but also I can get a lot of knowledge specially for art.

No download at this time, but if you ask me, you can spent your only $5 for me. So, be patient or buy my vector right now. See you later. Thanks for visit. ;)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Download vector: Girl and Laptop

Do you remember that I've already draw for boy and laptop? Yes, of course you remember, because you're my fans. I feel it's not fair if I'm not draw girl and laptop too. So, this night, when I have finished my vector graphic works, I spent little time to draw that girl and laptop.

First of all, I search the girl and laptop from search engine and redraw it into cartoon. The real one, has a blond hear and I change into black hair. It's not pretty hard to draw it. Although I've got little bit headache, but everything is OK, the vector cartoon is fine. Cause I;m happy to make it.

Here the preview:

You can see, the beautiful one on a laptop. She smiles and in a happy day. She's like enjoy on her job. Or maybe she is playing internet like you.

You can use image above for your header template illustration. I think a lot of cartoon girl and laptop is not free to download, and you have to spend at least 15$ per image. In this website, you can get it free. Just for you.

The next project, I will use above image for my wordpress template. If you wanna make your header template or maybe you wanna make above illustration for your banner, and you have no idea, you can ask me to help you make a design suitable for your needs, of course with little bit tired cost.

Ok, here the file CDR to download. Don't forget to always visit this blog by subscribe your email on the right sidebar. Have a nice weekend.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Download vector: Girl's Shopping

After not posting in several days, now I have vector to share. This vector I make to support my new wordpress theme. The theme is Girly and about shopping. The theme is free to download and so do this vector.

This vector I make by redraw the real one. I found the real one on search engine an I find the poor quality of image. So, I decide to redraw it into cartoon vector. If we try to compare with the real one, you will not find the same face. So, the face is can't be recognized. Because I change little bit.

Do you like the picture above. It's beautiful right? You can use the master file (Corel Draw) and apply it to your illustration or header template. Or maybe you wanna use this picture for your shop. Wow, that is a brilliant idea.

You can download the master file corel draw by clicking below link.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Vectorize is not Easy

Someday I went to my friends home long way from my house. I went to his house by train. The weather is very hot. So, when I'm in a train, I always clean my swept. 5 hours left, I arrived to my friends home with T-shirt full of wet swept. And then I take a bath and chat with my friend. Talking about what I do and what he does.

He interest what I do in vector graphic, so he wants me to teach him how to. The next day, he is ready to learn vector graphic from me. I teach him step by step. Vector graphic just need one big thing, that is patient!

I look my friend's doing. Then I smile. Because my friend is doing vectorize without patient, so I found messy outline every where. Then I tell him that he has to hold your breath to make more concentrate drawing each line. But he always doing fast without carefully.

So, this is the result of image that he has made (without patiently):

The left side is made by my friend and the right side is made by me. You can compare the result with or without patient. If you just think fast and done, you will not have a good result. For example is the left image made by my friend. Although it takes longer time than I do, but he's moving the mouse fast without patient. So, the nodes is messy. The faster playing pen tool (or bezier tool), the longer you get the result. The point is: Patient and careful makes sure!

Now I realized that what I do right now is not everybody can do. Vectorize is not quite easy to do. Needs experience and one more time: patiently. I am grateful that God has provided this expertise. Thanks God.

I will share my file (not my friend's file) Thundercat logo (cartoon serial 90s) in EPS file. You can download for free. Extract it first and open it using AI or Corel draw.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Download Vector: Beautiful Butterfly

When I create a header for my Flower Garden Wordpress Template, I draw beautiful butterfly. I find the butterfly from search engine and then trace it manually and make changes little bit. I copy it several time and rotate and flip to make random butterfly. You can check the theme by clicking the link that I mentioned above.

Here the preview:

Drawing butterfly is quite fast. Because we just draw one side. And then copy it and flip horizontal and combine it. It's done! You can try to draw another animal like bee, the fly, which is has symmetrical shape. But don't use that way to draw human face, it will looks weird. Because we are different with animals.

OK, I think I have to share my file again. Below is the link that you can download for free for your vector collection.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Download Vector WPAP: Bjork

If you don't know what is WPAP, you can go back to my post before. Since a week ago, I always busy to make WPAP vector. One day one creation or more. So, I feel so tired and almost frustration. Because I'm still not professional like other WPAP artist. I feel confuse what color that I have to choose that represent the deep of the face, what shape that represent the face correctly, is it harmony color, is it good enough, and many more problem.

But finally after I'm busy with the coloring and shaping, I have already finished Bjork Wedha's Pop Art Portrait with positive responses from my facebook friend. They all say that my artwork is good enough (for newbe). I'm so surprised and happy.

Below is the bjork's WPAP, my artwork:

So, I will share my file for you, maybe you will learn about what I've done. I'm still using my Corel Draw software because using corel is still has complete and easy to use interface. You download the CDR file from the link below.



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still Learning My New Vector Style: WPAP

What is WPAP? WPAP is Wedha's Pop Art Portrait. The new vector style coming from Indonesian people (like me). Two thumbs up for him! He is getting older now, so, we have to make new generation. So, a boy like me should be the the new generation for him.

For that reason, I still learn how to make vector like him. He does vector like cubism. The vector is contain only square object. No circle. And the corner of every object should be connected each other. You can see the image below:

You can see how beautiful picture. He always do pop art for artists. Like the picture above, you can recognize Pearl Jam, Kurt Cobain, and Elvis Presley. I like the color. It's so Pop, so happy and full of spirit, no sadness.

And after about 4 hours I do like he does, finally I've finished Pop art work. Not too bad, but still imperfect. Still have to fix this and that. You can see my Pop art artwork below:

My Pop art called "Bjork" is get positive comment from Wedha. I feel so happy. And then for "my self portrait", I've got constructive comment. That was, I have to make clear the nose part. Yes, I feel that the nose is unclear and unidentified. Maybe next time I'll do my best and fix all of that problems.

No download for this moment. Because I'm not confident to share my vector right now. Because I still need to more practice again to make better Pop artwork. Thank you for coming here and don't forget to leave a comments. ;)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Download Vector: Fortune Cat (EPS Illustrator)

This is my first vector that I make using Adobe Illustrator. Before this, I always make vector using Corel Draw. Because in Indonesia, Corel is more famous that Adobe Illustrator. All the digital printing company, always using Corel for their activity. Maybe, for me, Corel is more simple than Adobe Illustrator. Easy to use and it's complete.

But, this day I try to make vector using Illustrator. Why? it's because in other country, Illustrator is more famous than Corel. Although the file vector result is bigger than corel (AI file is bigger than CDR file), but adobe Illustrator has many kinds of amazing effect. I know it from vector design that I found on deviant art. It's always brilliant and amazing.

For the opening, I make something simple first, I don't try hard to make something amazing. Because I can't do that right now. This time, I only try to learn layer, coloring, eyedropper. And finally, after an hour, I've made this Fortune Cat:

Maybe this is not the right time to make that illustrator, because there's no Chinese ceremony. But never mind, I hope this blog is still alive for next years. So, when it comes the ceremony, people can visit this blog to download the file and print it on T-shirt, bag or something else.

This time, I share my file is EPS (Encapsulated Post Script). Besides Adobe Illustrator, you can also open this file EPS using Corel Draw. The original file size is 180 KB. To make it smaller file size, we have to compress it using winzip. So, we get only 39 KB for zip file. OK, just feel free to download it. Thank you for coming..


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Line Art Vector Mariah Carey Angel Advocate For Sale

A few months ago, I try to make design for my online store. At that moment, Mariah Carey is booming with her big concert Angel Advocate. I think, people wanna have something memorable to memorize her concert. So, I decide to make cover Mariah Carey Angel Advocate and make it to be line art vector. I start to search my file and not for a long time I found that image.

After 2 hours manually tracing into line art vector. Finally I've done it. The beautiful Mariah Carey is done in line art vector. I feel so happy and then not wasting time again, I post it in my online store.

Two days later I open my online store and I'm shock! Why I'm shock? Just because my line art vector Mariah Carey The Angel Advocate is gone! I don't how can be like that. And then I go to my account and my vector is still there. Then I thing, maybe it because of copy right. So, I delete my vector on my account and try to sell here in my vector blog.

I don't understand, I just redraw and make it totally different and I'm not just pick and sell it, and you know all the picture that I download is free form But never mind, I'm OK.

OK, as usual, I'm not gonna sell it in high price, you just spent your paypal $15 to get that vector. Just email me at, so I can send the corel draw, Ai or eps file for you.

Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Interesting Display in Trade Show

As we know, nowadays there are many ways to get a lot of customer. Before we can get many customers, the most important thing is how to attract or get customer attention especially in special event like exhibition. When we get customer’s attention, at least there is an opportunity. The main problem is how we can get their attention? Yeah, of course in the exhibition, we can add some interesting display to support our expo. What kind of display we need to get the customer’s attention?

We can think the simple way to get their attraction. We can add simple display like table skirts that suitable to our product or service that we offer. It is also important to keep the clean and neat. Therefore people love to enjoy our presentation about our products or services. We can also set banner stands with our company logo and attractive visualization. To get more attractive we can also use Pipe and Drape to make our show booths.

See, there is no need to think complicated. There is one important thing for trade show booths. It is important to make our customer comfortable. That is the most important thing in our product or service presentation.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Vector Lady Gaga For Sale

I finally start to draw real vector style again. After a long time I only draw cartoon style vector. I feel so happy when I see the result. It's smooth and almost perfect. I draw Lady Gaga Vector. The most famous artist in this year.

Why I choose Lady Gaga, because she always wear an unique costume and accessories. I like unique stuff. Like what bjork's does. Some of dress that Lady Gaga wear is produced by my ex office at Bali. I work as a graphic designer. So, I feel so close with Lady Gaga. Because she has already wear KTZ glasses and some flower dress by Marjan Pejoski.

This is the preview of lady gaga real vector:

After 2,5 hours manually tracing, I finished the real vector. The technique is, I put two vector. One put on left and one at right. I draw vector on left picture and matching color with the right picture. I use a lot of effect like gradient and transparency. So, only corel draw that can give the best vector result. I mean, if you export the CDR (corel draw) file into another type of file like EPS or AI, I'm not sure the file is correctly fine. Because some effect using corel is not always appear perfectly by Adobe illustrator or Freehand.

Some of example is radial gradient color, if we use corel draw to make radial gradient color, when we open it by using Adobe Illustrator (AI), the radial gradient color is not perfectly appear as corel draw does.

If you wanna have master file corel draw for that vector, I sell only $5. If you wanna buy it, just send me email at I'll wait for your email. Thank you so much for coming to this blog.

Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Download Vector: Brain

Someday when I check this blog for the first time, I find that people search about brain vector. And I don't know why google bring them into this blog, whereas I never post about brain vector. It's a google secret. But for you who wanna have brain vector or brain cartoon vector, I will give it for you for free.

Here the screen shot:

I just redraw image from search engine and convert it into vector corel draw. I hope people not lost in this blog by searching vector brain again. Because I provide it for you. As an usual, it's free to download.

Honestly, I'm not just find vector brain in search engine and post here, no, absolutely no. Vector brain I make by my self one hour ago. And specially I will give to you for free. You can make it for your collection. Maybe someday you will use it for something like biology class work.

I think, the other reason why I draw brain vector is, I inspire by new flash game that booming this month, that is Zombie and plant. I like zombie character that like to eat brain.

Not wasting time anymore, I will give you the download link below. Just free to click it and download it.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Download Vector: Flip Down Car Monitor

Yesterday I got a job paid review in this blog. I confuse what to do, in other way I need income from this blog too, but this blog I wanna focus on vector download and convert bitmap into vector. So, I think hard what to do.

After a few minutes, finally I have an idea. I redraw or convert image from sponsor into vector. The car interior equipment, that is Flip Down Car Monitor Vector.

Here the preview:

The resource image is not in good quality, so I have to think hard what shape is should be. Tracing or redraw from small image needs improvisation, we have to predict which side is darker, which side is lighter. Keep you eyes on and concentrate, hold your breath for a while and you'll get the best vector.

You can download for free corel draw file (can be opened using Corel Version 11 and above)


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Buy Your Car Audio Video Online

Someday when I achieve all that I want, I will buy a car for my additional needs. For your information, I like to ride a bike, so having a car is not in my brain. But someday I will. What kind of car that I wanna buy, it's not necessary for me, it's not the important thing what kind of car, but the important is, inside of the car.

Because I like listen to music, I have to provide car speakers inside my car. I need at least four speakers. Two for front, two for back side. For the size, I'm not gonna use the big one, small size is OK. The important thing is the sound. The sound must be clear and great.

After I've already to set a speakers, now it's time to buy another equipment. Sometimes when I just wanna sit down on a chair in the car, and I don't feel sleepy, I don't wanna look like "nothing to do". So, I have to set Flip Down Car Monitor. So, I can watch my favorite DVD Concert or film every time and everywhere.

Wanna try something simple without wasting money to buy CD music? Just buy Satellite Radio . You can hear your favorite song from radio. If you just play one music album from one artist, sometimes you feel boring. By listen to the radio, you never get bored again because we can listen a lot of music from various artist. If you boring with one station, just turn into another station and find your favorite music genre.

If you wanna have all in one stuff. Just buy In-Dash Car Receivers. You are not only able to listen radio, but you also can play your cassette and CD or MP3. It depend on what model type that you want. There are many model type, such as Car Cassette Receiver, Car CD Receiver, Cassette/CD Combo, and so on.

Talk About Car DVD Players, you have to think about the price. There are many kind of DVD player for car. For me, I recommend you to buy Portable DVD Players. The reason is, you will get all in one system. You will get folding DVD player, Built-in speakers and screen, you do not necessary to install it permanently, so, not only for your car, but you can also take it for traveling by plane, train or if you don't have any plan to travel, just use at home.

A lot of people have experienced being get lost in road. Because they what the name of that place and they don't know where to go. Unfortunately, no one who could be asked questions. On that situation, you need GPS Devices. GPS is Global Positioning System that can guide you to the right way. There is a monitor that shows your current place and the map. So, you can follow the map and you are not being lost again.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Download Vector: Teletubbies Po

After I've finished the yellow teletubbies, Lala, right now I will share for you special vector again, that is Po. The red teletubbies one. Po is the cutest of all teletubbies. Because it is funny and the youngest one. So, it like a baby.

We all know that teletubbies is the famous serial TV for children all over the world. It's become famous too here in my country Indonesia. My little brother always watch them every morning after back to school. It's kinda make him refreshing from his school work.

Here it is the preview:

Finally, after several time, maybe one-two hours, my vector version of teletubbies is done. Po was created by tracing manually by my hand. My magic hand! lol. The bitmap image is not in high resolution, so I have to work hard to draw it and predict what the eyes, hand, nose should be.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Download Vector: Teletubbies Lala

I've finally finished my teletubbies vector after an hour tracing. The teletubbies that I trace is Lala. It's so cute. It's yellow. Next time, I will trace another bitmap teletubbies into vector. You know that teletubbies has 4 personal. There are Po, Lala, Tinky Winky, Dipsy. They're all cute. For your babies, sure that he/she likes them.

Why I draw/trace/convert Teletubbies Lala into vector, because sometimes I check my visitor of this blog, and I find several visitor come with keyword teletubbies. In This blog, I've already vectorise teletubbies Po before. But It's not full body, I just draw half body. Maybe next time I will draw full body version. Not only for Po, but also Tinky Winki and Dipsy.

You can see this teletubbies Lala, how cute is?

Is it free to download for you? Yes, Actually yes, I give the vector of teletubbies Lala free to download for all of you guys. Just click link below and open it by using corel draw 11 and above.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector : Boy and Laptop

A few days ago, I wanna update my wordpress template blog. I wanna have something different than I do before. So, I will put the cartoon illustration at header. I choose the boy and laptop for my illustration. So I start to search it in search engine and I found illustration that I want.

But I'm not just redraw it and put it on header, I have to modify it and make it different with the example. Finally after a few time, I've done it. Here it is:

All is different, but skirt and his hand, it's almost same, but it's still different with the example. I make totally different on his laptop, his face and his shoes. The example shows the boy with long face (high face), but mine, I draw chubby one. The laptop, I make it simpler and square enough and put the unidentified logo on the center of square. To make it shiny, I add gradient color from white to black on two sides: Left top and right down.

OK, I will share that illustration free for you. This file can be edited by using corel draw 11 and above. You can add it for your header blog or something else. Just enjoy it.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Download Vector: Yahoo Messenger Online Offline Icon

This icon I made for designing my yahoo messenger online and offline alert. You can see what I've done in the right sidebar. When I'm online, the image shows my happy face and there's a yahoo messenger online icon. If I'm invisible or offline, the image show my close eyes face with offline icon.

You wanna have one? Just contact me at email for doing tracing your happy and sleep face and add the yahoo messenger online and offline icon to make is clear. But, if you expert to design your own, I will share my yahoo icons.

This is the preview:

I draw it manually without any effects. I do a type gradient color, that is radial gradient. I trace from the small yahoo icon and do it carefully to make it real as possible.

OK, if you appreciate what I've done and wanna collect my vector, just download the link below. (CDR file, can be opened using Corel Draw 11 and above)


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector : Messy

Many days ago, I've got a job from client, they wanna ask me to join with his T-shirt business. They want me to do vector design for the design. The topic is about football. I appreciate to his corporation. So, absolutely I say yes and start to make football vector design.

I start to make Messy (Leonardo Messi argantinian) for my vector. But when I read the concept, I feel confuse what to do. Because he wants me to draw manually the legs and the ball. He doesn't give me the full example. I feel hard to create the concept. But, I do vectorise the face first. It's about 2 hours I make Messy's vector and I think I do my best. Below the preview of it.

You can see the outline of the objects. I make one by one objects. I'm not using automatic tool. I just draw and draw manually one by one step by step. But don't worry, I enjoy all my jobs. Hope you appreciate it.

OK, you can download the master file of that image. Just click the link below:


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector : Justin Timberlake

I'm not really like to Justin Timberlake. I just like his song with N-Sync a few years ago. Bye Bye Bye, may be is the famous song of his band beside It's Gonna Be Me and This I Promise You and so on.

N-Sync compared with another boy band, I think they have a fair division part of the songs. I see another band like boyzone, which is, Ronand Keating is the lead of vocal and the other only as a backing vocal. Not like N-Sync, not only Justin Timberlake, another person have their song part to sing.

Many girls like Justin Timberlake. Because he has handsome face and cute look. Britney Spears also has already in a relationship with him a few moment. For you who like Justin Timberlake, I have something special for you. It is vector of his face free for you. Here is the preview:

Here the corel draw file for you to download for free.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector : Cute Monster Cactus

This illustration is also rejected by istockphoto. I know the reason, the reason is because this illustration has no meaning. Honestly, I not usually think what I'm going to do. So, it's spontaneous. The other reason, maybe this monster is not like generally monster as we have known. It's like a cute boy wearing cactus clothe.

Before this, I have done for cute bjork volta illustration. It seems that this illustration has similar style. Cute human wearing big unique costume. We can say like that, because I adore her (bjork).

Here the preview:

Making above illustrator is quite hard. Because I have to make a lot of thorn around the costume. Not only copying and pasting, but I have to rotate following skin shape. But honestly when I share this illustration in my facebook, there is a comment that I forget the thorn lighting. Yes! I forget that thing. If you look carefully, the thorn lighting is messy and everywhere. But It's OK, I'm not gonna fix this problem, but I'm not gonna repeat this mistake to the next illustration.

As usual, you can download the master corel draw 11 file. just click the link below and download it and open it using corel 11 or above.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector : Two Lovely Robots

Honestly, this illustration is rejected by istockphoto. So, to make this illustration is useful. I will share this vector for you. Useful for what? I think everything is useful in this world. You can learn what reason istockphoto reject my illustration. So, you will fix that problem.

Istockphoto said to me that my illustration is not suitable for them. I don't know, I think my illustration is fine. But, when it's being rejected, I feel like have to be better to make next illustration. Can you see what's wrong with below illustration? tell me.

OK, let's discuss this robots. The idea is coming when I wanna have something cute but in hi-tech taste. So, I started to draw circle. Because cute is identically with circle (I think). And after a few moment, I've done it. Circle body, circle eyes, with of course, circle wheel.

And then to make the robot have a meaning, I copy it and make little bit different. I change the color too and taraa... Now I have female robots! That's brilliant right? (people say: no!)

So, what you are waiting for, just download the master vector corel draw for that robot illustrator. You can open it by using corel draw 11 and above.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector : Kid Hanging On The Tree

Someday, I will do something brilliant for my facebook profile picture. So, I think so hard to make something that people wonder how come the idea. And then I've got inspiration from God. That was kid hanging on the facebook header. I want when people open my facebook profile, my profile picture is hanging on the facebook header.

I did it. It's work properly. But when I update status into two lines, it's not hanging again. So I feel frustrate and decide to delete it from my profile picture. I keep the file in my lap top until I've got new idea.

I make some little change. I edit the gray facebook background and change it into tree with no leaves. Maybe it's autumn. And here it is..

You can download the master of illustration above by clicking below link. Enjoy my illustration. (To download corel draw portable software for free, you can visit banner in right sidebar)


Friday, February 26, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector: Cute Bjork Volta

Beside Mariah Carey, I like bjork too. The baby face girl with unique sense of music make me addicted to her. First time seeing bjork is from MTV. I first time see Video Clip Hidden Place. I like the video so much. Because it's unique and very artistic. The video is simple but my eyes can't move to another object but her video.

She now has a few albums. The latest is Volta Album. Volta is still has unique sense. She doesn't use conventional music stuff and instrument. There's no guitar, piano, and other conventional music. She use reactable for doing volta music. You can see what is reactable in her volta video such as Declare Independence. The live concert is awesome to. It's like combining the future music and ancient music.

She has already held concert in Indonesia in 2008 ago. I'm not going there. But never mind. Because I have downloaded a lot of video from her volta live concert in youtube. I feel so healed.

To proof that I adore her, I make illustration that inspired from volta icon. I don't know what it's called, but I think it's an amazing idea. Bjork enter in a huge foot doll with red, green, blue, yellow, pink color mixed. So, colorful. Here it is the preview.

I draw above illustration by imitate the real one. But I'm not drawing like precision drawing. I do like this: I put real image in the left and then I draw it in the right. So, my eyes always turn left and right when I draw each object. So, the result is not similar but with same proportion.

You can download the master vector "cute bjork volta" Corel Draw (can be opened using Corel version 11 and above) by clicking link below. And compare with the real bjork volta icon image and give me responses.


Download Cartoon Vector : Cute Cow

I don't know why right now I like cute stuff. Before, I like something detail with perfect shadow and effect. I feel like changing into another style. I like simple image right now.

Someday, I wanna draw animals doll. Then I find in google a cute cow. I draw it with a lot of modification. I just look for inspiration. When I do a drawing process I just draw my self. Not imitate the image from google. And here the preview:

The difficult is almost nothing. The secret is, I do sketch in a paper for the first. And then I capture it using my camera cell phone. And then transfer it into my laptop and doing redraw and coloring. So, the key is you have to be able to draw manually in a white paper. That's can be the biggest help for you who wanna create some character.

If you wanna learn what I've done, you can download the master vector cute cow for your collection. Can be opened using corel draw 11.

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