Sunday, February 28, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector : Kid Hanging On The Tree

Someday, I will do something brilliant for my facebook profile picture. So, I think so hard to make something that people wonder how come the idea. And then I've got inspiration from God. That was kid hanging on the facebook header. I want when people open my facebook profile, my profile picture is hanging on the facebook header.

I did it. It's work properly. But when I update status into two lines, it's not hanging again. So I feel frustrate and decide to delete it from my profile picture. I keep the file in my lap top until I've got new idea.

I make some little change. I edit the gray facebook background and change it into tree with no leaves. Maybe it's autumn. And here it is..

You can download the master of illustration above by clicking below link. Enjoy my illustration. (To download corel draw portable software for free, you can visit banner in right sidebar)


Friday, February 26, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector: Cute Bjork Volta

Beside Mariah Carey, I like bjork too. The baby face girl with unique sense of music make me addicted to her. First time seeing bjork is from MTV. I first time see Video Clip Hidden Place. I like the video so much. Because it's unique and very artistic. The video is simple but my eyes can't move to another object but her video.

She now has a few albums. The latest is Volta Album. Volta is still has unique sense. She doesn't use conventional music stuff and instrument. There's no guitar, piano, and other conventional music. She use reactable for doing volta music. You can see what is reactable in her volta video such as Declare Independence. The live concert is awesome to. It's like combining the future music and ancient music.

She has already held concert in Indonesia in 2008 ago. I'm not going there. But never mind. Because I have downloaded a lot of video from her volta live concert in youtube. I feel so healed.

To proof that I adore her, I make illustration that inspired from volta icon. I don't know what it's called, but I think it's an amazing idea. Bjork enter in a huge foot doll with red, green, blue, yellow, pink color mixed. So, colorful. Here it is the preview.

I draw above illustration by imitate the real one. But I'm not drawing like precision drawing. I do like this: I put real image in the left and then I draw it in the right. So, my eyes always turn left and right when I draw each object. So, the result is not similar but with same proportion.

You can download the master vector "cute bjork volta" Corel Draw (can be opened using Corel version 11 and above) by clicking link below. And compare with the real bjork volta icon image and give me responses.


Download Cartoon Vector : Cute Cow

I don't know why right now I like cute stuff. Before, I like something detail with perfect shadow and effect. I feel like changing into another style. I like simple image right now.

Someday, I wanna draw animals doll. Then I find in google a cute cow. I draw it with a lot of modification. I just look for inspiration. When I do a drawing process I just draw my self. Not imitate the image from google. And here the preview:

The difficult is almost nothing. The secret is, I do sketch in a paper for the first. And then I capture it using my camera cell phone. And then transfer it into my laptop and doing redraw and coloring. So, the key is you have to be able to draw manually in a white paper. That's can be the biggest help for you who wanna create some character.

If you wanna learn what I've done, you can download the master vector cute cow for your collection. Can be opened using corel draw 11.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector: Cute Ghost

Right now, I don't know why I'm addicted to make illustration. Like Playing kids illustration, couple in love illustration, robot in love illustration, etc. And last night, I try to draw illustration again. And I don't know why I wanna draw ghost? It's suddenly appear in my brain that I have to make something frightening.

Cute ghost, is my creation. The inspiration is coming from Sadako, the famous ghost from Japan. I make it and try to convert it into cute one. And after 2 hours, I've done it. Here it is...

I make that illustration for my facebook photo profile. I've got a lot of positive comments. So, it makes me more spirit to do some illustration again. What next illustration? coming soon.... lol.

You can download Cute ghost for your collection. You can use it for your illustration resources or just for fun.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Download Real Vector: Mariah Carey

I love Mariah Carey Music. She can sing with beautiful voice. The falseto, the belting voice, the high notes, it's amazing. She can do like piano notes. Specially for the song The One, she can follow the note in a quick way. Like piano tones. I like Through the rain too. The song is very difficult because it needs a lot of breath. Specially for the ending part, it's very amazing. Her belting voice is so strong with the unique vibration technique.

I adore her so much. I wanna have voice like her, but it's impossible because I'm male. But it's OK, I'm still singing her song as I can. You can hear my amateur recording here. It's too difficult for me to sing Mariah's song. But I've got it! Sure, with a lot of energy!

To all of you who like Mariah Carey so much like me, this is the real vector of her. I vectorise her face in a high detail. I've done it in 3-4 hours. But I like the result.

The difficult is, when I draw hairs, it's complicated object. I do a lot of effect like transparencies, shadows, gradient color. So, the file size it quite big. But it's OK. I'll do it for you.

The good news is, you can learn what I've done. Below you can download the master file. The downloaded file can be opened by using corel draw 11 and above.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Download Vector: Pink Glasses

I have made this glasses vector for you. This glasses picture I've found from google. And then I vectorize it with real vector style. This glasses actually in a transparent glass, but I make little change and I choose pink for the glass color.

Drawing glasses is quite easy. You just need to draw half of glasses. I draw the left side only. And make a mirror to the right side. So, we have left side and right side in the same shape.

This is the preview of glasses that I've mentioned above.

For the shadow at top side, I make it not mirror technique, but I do it manually. Just a simple line to make it shiny.

Here you can download for free the vector above. You can open it bu using corel draw 11 and above.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Download Vector: Eyes

This is the vector eyes for you who wanna make some illustrator character. You can combine with the post before (mouth and lips). For the nose, you can draw yourself. Or wait for me to post about nose later.

Here 4 examples of eyes. I have several eyes, but right now I give 4 eyes. The next post, I will give you more.

There's no transparency. The image is made by playing with gradient color. So, the file size is slightly. You know that playing with effect can increase the file size. Effect such as transparency, bevel, emboss, drop shadow can make your file increase. Remove all effect and playing with the simple gradient color is better.

Here the file that you can download for free. This is Corel Draw 11 file. Can be opened using corel version 11 and above.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Download Vector: Lips and Mouth

I have good news for you, if you wanna draw cartoon illustration, here is the resources that you need. For the beginning, I will share what I have found in vector website. It's a mouth vector. I think this is real vector. But only use little bit effect, so you can call it cartoon vector.

I have edited in part of. The vector maker usually forget about removing outline for real vector style. I have removed all outline so the outlook is almost perfect like a real mouth one. You can download the file CDR below.


Download Cartoon Vector : Doraemon

I find some cute and funny: Doraemon vector in this site. And Then I download the doraemon vector. Wow, amazing! nice vector, but I feel there is a miss thing. That is, the vector maker forgot about round line!

If you work using corel draw, there's an option that you can set your pen tool (bezier tool) in to round style. It's mean that your line, specially the corner, not in square corner, it will be round and smooth corner.

You can check the mustache. It's not the nice line because the end of the lines is square enough. But it's already in curve line, so, I cannot make a change. Yeah, just enjoy the file and download it below.


You can also download a lot of doraemon vector in one file (quite big file) in AI file (Adobe Illustrator) below.

Download Line Art Vector: penguins

here some penguins in line art vector. I just drawing it free for you. Because someday my hand can't stop working on vector work. And as an owner, I have to follow my hand's needs. And I open corel draw I software and start tracing manually the shape of penguin.

I start tracing from eyes and then go down to legs and feet. The difficult is, penguin has a fur, so I have to hardly work to modify the fur into nice line. I don't have to follow all of fur, just adding a little bit in a certain part. It's done.

Wanna have one like this, but maybe your face in line art vector? just contact me at

If you wanna learn about what I've done, you can download for free the master file (Corel Draw 11) below.

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