Friday, February 26, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector: Cute Bjork Volta

Beside Mariah Carey, I like bjork too. The baby face girl with unique sense of music make me addicted to her. First time seeing bjork is from MTV. I first time see Video Clip Hidden Place. I like the video so much. Because it's unique and very artistic. The video is simple but my eyes can't move to another object but her video.

She now has a few albums. The latest is Volta Album. Volta is still has unique sense. She doesn't use conventional music stuff and instrument. There's no guitar, piano, and other conventional music. She use reactable for doing volta music. You can see what is reactable in her volta video such as Declare Independence. The live concert is awesome to. It's like combining the future music and ancient music.

She has already held concert in Indonesia in 2008 ago. I'm not going there. But never mind. Because I have downloaded a lot of video from her volta live concert in youtube. I feel so healed.

To proof that I adore her, I make illustration that inspired from volta icon. I don't know what it's called, but I think it's an amazing idea. Bjork enter in a huge foot doll with red, green, blue, yellow, pink color mixed. So, colorful. Here it is the preview.

I draw above illustration by imitate the real one. But I'm not drawing like precision drawing. I do like this: I put real image in the left and then I draw it in the right. So, my eyes always turn left and right when I draw each object. So, the result is not similar but with same proportion.

You can download the master vector "cute bjork volta" Corel Draw (can be opened using Corel version 11 and above) by clicking link below. And compare with the real bjork volta icon image and give me responses.



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