Sunday, February 7, 2010

Download Vector: Eyes

This is the vector eyes for you who wanna make some illustrator character. You can combine with the post before (mouth and lips). For the nose, you can draw yourself. Or wait for me to post about nose later.

Here 4 examples of eyes. I have several eyes, but right now I give 4 eyes. The next post, I will give you more.

There's no transparency. The image is made by playing with gradient color. So, the file size is slightly. You know that playing with effect can increase the file size. Effect such as transparency, bevel, emboss, drop shadow can make your file increase. Remove all effect and playing with the simple gradient color is better.

Here the file that you can download for free. This is Corel Draw 11 file. Can be opened using corel version 11 and above.



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