Friday, April 30, 2010

Vector Lady Gaga For Sale

I finally start to draw real vector style again. After a long time I only draw cartoon style vector. I feel so happy when I see the result. It's smooth and almost perfect. I draw Lady Gaga Vector. The most famous artist in this year.

Why I choose Lady Gaga, because she always wear an unique costume and accessories. I like unique stuff. Like what bjork's does. Some of dress that Lady Gaga wear is produced by my ex office at Bali. I work as a graphic designer. So, I feel so close with Lady Gaga. Because she has already wear KTZ glasses and some flower dress by Marjan Pejoski.

This is the preview of lady gaga real vector:

After 2,5 hours manually tracing, I finished the real vector. The technique is, I put two vector. One put on left and one at right. I draw vector on left picture and matching color with the right picture. I use a lot of effect like gradient and transparency. So, only corel draw that can give the best vector result. I mean, if you export the CDR (corel draw) file into another type of file like EPS or AI, I'm not sure the file is correctly fine. Because some effect using corel is not always appear perfectly by Adobe illustrator or Freehand.

Some of example is radial gradient color, if we use corel draw to make radial gradient color, when we open it by using Adobe Illustrator (AI), the radial gradient color is not perfectly appear as corel draw does.

If you wanna have master file corel draw for that vector, I sell only $5. If you wanna buy it, just send me email at I'll wait for your email. Thank you so much for coming to this blog.

Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Download Vector: Brain

Someday when I check this blog for the first time, I find that people search about brain vector. And I don't know why google bring them into this blog, whereas I never post about brain vector. It's a google secret. But for you who wanna have brain vector or brain cartoon vector, I will give it for you for free.

Here the screen shot:

I just redraw image from search engine and convert it into vector corel draw. I hope people not lost in this blog by searching vector brain again. Because I provide it for you. As an usual, it's free to download.

Honestly, I'm not just find vector brain in search engine and post here, no, absolutely no. Vector brain I make by my self one hour ago. And specially I will give to you for free. You can make it for your collection. Maybe someday you will use it for something like biology class work.

I think, the other reason why I draw brain vector is, I inspire by new flash game that booming this month, that is Zombie and plant. I like zombie character that like to eat brain.

Not wasting time anymore, I will give you the download link below. Just free to click it and download it.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Download Vector: Flip Down Car Monitor

Yesterday I got a job paid review in this blog. I confuse what to do, in other way I need income from this blog too, but this blog I wanna focus on vector download and convert bitmap into vector. So, I think hard what to do.

After a few minutes, finally I have an idea. I redraw or convert image from sponsor into vector. The car interior equipment, that is Flip Down Car Monitor Vector.

Here the preview:

The resource image is not in good quality, so I have to think hard what shape is should be. Tracing or redraw from small image needs improvisation, we have to predict which side is darker, which side is lighter. Keep you eyes on and concentrate, hold your breath for a while and you'll get the best vector.

You can download for free corel draw file (can be opened using Corel Version 11 and above)


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Buy Your Car Audio Video Online

Someday when I achieve all that I want, I will buy a car for my additional needs. For your information, I like to ride a bike, so having a car is not in my brain. But someday I will. What kind of car that I wanna buy, it's not necessary for me, it's not the important thing what kind of car, but the important is, inside of the car.

Because I like listen to music, I have to provide car speakers inside my car. I need at least four speakers. Two for front, two for back side. For the size, I'm not gonna use the big one, small size is OK. The important thing is the sound. The sound must be clear and great.

After I've already to set a speakers, now it's time to buy another equipment. Sometimes when I just wanna sit down on a chair in the car, and I don't feel sleepy, I don't wanna look like "nothing to do". So, I have to set Flip Down Car Monitor. So, I can watch my favorite DVD Concert or film every time and everywhere.

Wanna try something simple without wasting money to buy CD music? Just buy Satellite Radio . You can hear your favorite song from radio. If you just play one music album from one artist, sometimes you feel boring. By listen to the radio, you never get bored again because we can listen a lot of music from various artist. If you boring with one station, just turn into another station and find your favorite music genre.

If you wanna have all in one stuff. Just buy In-Dash Car Receivers. You are not only able to listen radio, but you also can play your cassette and CD or MP3. It depend on what model type that you want. There are many model type, such as Car Cassette Receiver, Car CD Receiver, Cassette/CD Combo, and so on.

Talk About Car DVD Players, you have to think about the price. There are many kind of DVD player for car. For me, I recommend you to buy Portable DVD Players. The reason is, you will get all in one system. You will get folding DVD player, Built-in speakers and screen, you do not necessary to install it permanently, so, not only for your car, but you can also take it for traveling by plane, train or if you don't have any plan to travel, just use at home.

A lot of people have experienced being get lost in road. Because they what the name of that place and they don't know where to go. Unfortunately, no one who could be asked questions. On that situation, you need GPS Devices. GPS is Global Positioning System that can guide you to the right way. There is a monitor that shows your current place and the map. So, you can follow the map and you are not being lost again.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Download Vector: Teletubbies Po

After I've finished the yellow teletubbies, Lala, right now I will share for you special vector again, that is Po. The red teletubbies one. Po is the cutest of all teletubbies. Because it is funny and the youngest one. So, it like a baby.

We all know that teletubbies is the famous serial TV for children all over the world. It's become famous too here in my country Indonesia. My little brother always watch them every morning after back to school. It's kinda make him refreshing from his school work.

Here it is the preview:

Finally, after several time, maybe one-two hours, my vector version of teletubbies is done. Po was created by tracing manually by my hand. My magic hand! lol. The bitmap image is not in high resolution, so I have to work hard to draw it and predict what the eyes, hand, nose should be.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Download Vector: Teletubbies Lala

I've finally finished my teletubbies vector after an hour tracing. The teletubbies that I trace is Lala. It's so cute. It's yellow. Next time, I will trace another bitmap teletubbies into vector. You know that teletubbies has 4 personal. There are Po, Lala, Tinky Winky, Dipsy. They're all cute. For your babies, sure that he/she likes them.

Why I draw/trace/convert Teletubbies Lala into vector, because sometimes I check my visitor of this blog, and I find several visitor come with keyword teletubbies. In This blog, I've already vectorise teletubbies Po before. But It's not full body, I just draw half body. Maybe next time I will draw full body version. Not only for Po, but also Tinky Winki and Dipsy.

You can see this teletubbies Lala, how cute is?

Is it free to download for you? Yes, Actually yes, I give the vector of teletubbies Lala free to download for all of you guys. Just click link below and open it by using corel draw 11 and above.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector : Boy and Laptop

A few days ago, I wanna update my wordpress template blog. I wanna have something different than I do before. So, I will put the cartoon illustration at header. I choose the boy and laptop for my illustration. So I start to search it in search engine and I found illustration that I want.

But I'm not just redraw it and put it on header, I have to modify it and make it different with the example. Finally after a few time, I've done it. Here it is:

All is different, but skirt and his hand, it's almost same, but it's still different with the example. I make totally different on his laptop, his face and his shoes. The example shows the boy with long face (high face), but mine, I draw chubby one. The laptop, I make it simpler and square enough and put the unidentified logo on the center of square. To make it shiny, I add gradient color from white to black on two sides: Left top and right down.

OK, I will share that illustration free for you. This file can be edited by using corel draw 11 and above. You can add it for your header blog or something else. Just enjoy it.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Download Vector: Yahoo Messenger Online Offline Icon

This icon I made for designing my yahoo messenger online and offline alert. You can see what I've done in the right sidebar. When I'm online, the image shows my happy face and there's a yahoo messenger online icon. If I'm invisible or offline, the image show my close eyes face with offline icon.

You wanna have one? Just contact me at email for doing tracing your happy and sleep face and add the yahoo messenger online and offline icon to make is clear. But, if you expert to design your own, I will share my yahoo icons.

This is the preview:

I draw it manually without any effects. I do a type gradient color, that is radial gradient. I trace from the small yahoo icon and do it carefully to make it real as possible.

OK, if you appreciate what I've done and wanna collect my vector, just download the link below. (CDR file, can be opened using Corel Draw 11 and above)


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Download Cartoon Vector : Messy

Many days ago, I've got a job from client, they wanna ask me to join with his T-shirt business. They want me to do vector design for the design. The topic is about football. I appreciate to his corporation. So, absolutely I say yes and start to make football vector design.

I start to make Messy (Leonardo Messi argantinian) for my vector. But when I read the concept, I feel confuse what to do. Because he wants me to draw manually the legs and the ball. He doesn't give me the full example. I feel hard to create the concept. But, I do vectorise the face first. It's about 2 hours I make Messy's vector and I think I do my best. Below the preview of it.

You can see the outline of the objects. I make one by one objects. I'm not using automatic tool. I just draw and draw manually one by one step by step. But don't worry, I enjoy all my jobs. Hope you appreciate it.

OK, you can download the master file of that image. Just click the link below:


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.
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