Sunday, August 29, 2010

Download Vector : Beautiful Flowers

Hi there, this time I would like to share my vector job from client. But I will share piece of that. That is the flowers. So, yesterday I worked all day long and spent about 12 hours tracing vector. What an awful day. But I'm OK because I'm happy doing that.

So, the longest time tracing part is the flowers. I'm not saying the most difficult, but the longest. It's quite easy, but it takes a long time to do it. But, the result is accordance with my expectation. Nice work!

Here the screenshot:

Look at the beautiful flowers above, it like an real one right? You know that I just tracing each parts of the original image and then colorize using eyedropper tool and paintbucket tool. Not quite detail but not too messy, so, it's just OK. ;)

And, here the download file Ai (inside zip file) for free.


Don't have corel draw yet? Just download it at right sidebar for personal use only.


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