Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Download Vector : Camera

Long time no post. Finally I've got this time to post here. As a graphic designer, I have a lot of job few days ago. My pleasure. But the risk is, this blog is no update. So, this is the right time to update, because today I'm free.

Actually this new vector is a part of my client order. My client orders his photo with camera to me to convert it into vector. So, after he paid some money, I started to work on it. The longest time is drawing camera part. Cause, I can't just do it simple, I have to do little bit detail because I don't want people can not recognize the camera.

After about one hour, I finished draw the camera. I play with shadow and lighting, so it looks real. You can check image below:

So... Yeah it's a tired job, but it's OK because I love to do it. After I finished all vector, my eyes can't stand open again. So, you can guess how long I sleep after that. It's about 10 hours I spend to sleep only!

OK, to make you happy, I will share that camera vector file below. Just feel free to download it. Thanks for coming and reading and downloading.

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