Saturday, September 24, 2011

Download Vector: Elephant Cartoon

Hi, long time no post, this time as always, I will share my 5-10 minutes vector work! How fast! Because this vector is very simple. It's Elephant! Cartoon elephant.

Sigh, as we all know that facebook become so boring right now. A lot of bandwidth spent! There are a lot of feature which is not necessary. Such as time line (look a like) at top right, move from top to bottom. That is unnecessary for me.

But, fortunately, that's the big reason why I have to update this blog. Update with a new vector. It's free as always. Just for you! Yes!

the elephant vector

It's done totally 5-10 minutes. I draw it while twitter update and reply mention from another.

OK, hope that I will update more often vector here. Hope that facebook is more boring and boring, and so, I can remember that I have a blog that's more important to be updated than facebook which is more useless.

OK, enough for share my own problem, time to share my artwork file. It's EPS file. You can open using Adobe Illustrator or import it using corel draw. Here the are...


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Download Vector Silhouette Masjid (Mosque)

Hi, this is Romadlon time here. Time to do fasting. I will share something. That is mosque silhouette vector. This is my job this day. The client order cartoon illustrator to me. He wants illustrate the deer with Muslim style. So, I decided to make some hat and Muslim shirt. For the background, I add mosque silhouette which is place to pray for Muslims.

So, I think better is I share the vector file to world through this blog. So, here the preview:

Download Vector Silhouette Masjid (Mosque)

And here the EPS that you can download for free. You can make this file to make your Identity card, Greeting card, etc. Enjoy! ;)


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Download Cartoon Vector: Photographer Girl

Yeah, I'm in the mood again to post. Just because I wake up in the morning. There's nothing to do, so this is the best job to do, POSTING!

So, I'm gonna share again and again my file that I have made many times ago. Yeah, after all of my order from client is done, I always make something using my favorite software ever, Corel Draw.

I have a friend from Semarang, Center of Java. She is a photographer and sketcher too. I met her when I join a sketch together with ORArT ORET group. I think she is one in a thousand girl which is like to sketch, cycling, architecture in one package!

Yeah, this is what I illustrate about her:

Download Cartoon Vector: Photographer Girl

Yeah, with soundtrack of the new song from bjork, crystalline featuring Omar Souleyman, I will share my file. This is EPS file you can download for free. ;)


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Download Cartoon Vector: Handsome Boy

This is my friend too. He is handsome like me. So, I decided to make him a cartoon. But he is like, oh OK, thanks. He is not so surprise and happy. So, I will share his cartoon here. Maybe you like this cartoon. I hope. ;)

Download Cartoon Vector: Handsome Boy

I found him on facebook. Because he is my friend's friend. So, I add him on facebook and we are friend now. Hey, If I have a new friend and I like him, I will make him happy with my art, like this cartoon. ^_^

So, you can download it for free below.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Download Cartoon Vector: Cute Boy Drinking Milk

Hi, this is me, in cartoon style. Everybody knows, that I'm still drinking milk everyday. I just wanna make healthy life. I'm not drinking coffee, I'm not smoking. So, my money is save. But I change that by buy milk. ^_^

When some people drink coffee in a cafe, I drink milk. That's automatically out from my mouth. Yeah, since I was a little, I drink milk til right now. I think milk is delicious.

Download Vector: Cute Boy Drinking Milk

Yeah, I called him, MILK BOY. he was in the shower milk. Very cute right? Download the file below for free. ;)


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Download Cartoon Vector: Cute Boy Skipping

Hi everybody, long long time no post. But if you know, that I always make e new vector. Maybe some cartoon, maybe some face vector of me, but I forget to share here. Oh damn! Facebook was stole my time to post here! Not only here, but my another blog is neglected too.

So, this is my vector cartoon again. This is my friend, but in a cartoon style. He likes doing skipping for shaping his body.

Download Vector: Cute Boy Skipping

Really funny right? His big body makes earthquake. ^_^

So, this is the file that you can download for free. This is eps file, you can open it using Ai or Corel.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Download Vector: Cute Horse Cartoon

I'm forget that I have horse vector cartoon file in my computer since long time ago. I'm forget to post it here. Because I'm very busy with vector order everyday. But I enjoy it. But I have to post vector file here regularly. Oh that is so confusing to spent my time.

OK, this day I've finished my job earlier. In order to spend time posting vector file here. Here it is, cute horse vector!

Download Vector: Cute Horse Cartoon

Still with cartoon series. I just redraw from image somewhere. Very tiny image, but still caught to my eyes. So, about half of an hour I've finished all this vector. Very fast because not so complicated vector.

Here the file that you can download for may purpose. It's free. But if you wanna buy it. Just email me: And I will delete this post! ;) Thanks!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Download Vector: cute hippo (hippopotamus)

Download Vector: cute hippo (hippopotamus)

Still and still with cute animal stuff. This is Hippo chance! I just wanna say that I'm in a free job right now. I'm very happy. Hmm, I mean not happy as well, there's something little bit bad mood. But I try to always be happy.

And this hippo I have made this afternoon. After I feel so bad and not in a good mood to do something, so I start to just drawing this pink hippopotamus. Not for a long time, this vector only takes half an hour to be done. Hmm.. Looks good right?

So, I just wanna share this file to you. My EPS file. You can use it for your needs. Happy download!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Download Vector: Rhinoceros Cartoon

Hi you, finally I post again here. Sorry because there's a lot of vector job that I have to be done everyday, so this blog is forgotten. So, this is still cute animal series. Now is rhinoceros time. Sorry for my bad English.

Download Vector: Rhinoceros Cartoon

Pretty easy to finished it. It takes not more than a quarter of an hour. Very fast for simple animal like rhinoceros above. While listening to Mariah Carey's song I make this vector. So, you can guess that my head is bounced while I trace this cute rhino.

OK brah and sist, below is the vector file that you can download for free. It's zip file and EPS file inside.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Download Cartoon Vector: Giraffe

Hi there, hi everybody, long time no post. Because I have a lot of order to do. It's tired time but it's OK because that's my job! So, for wake up from long time sleep, this time I will share again my cartoon vector file. Here is is: GIRAFFE CARTOON!

Download Cartoon Vector: Giraffe

This is I redraw from google image. Maybe you find any free vector stuff, is the right place to visit. If you want your photo to be done in vector, just email me at:, maybe I can help you, of course with some cost.

So, this cute giraffe vector is absolutely free for you to download. Just click download text below. And done!

Oh my God, I'm so sleepy right now but there's something vector order to do. Oh they don't pay me yet, so, it's time to take rest until they do a payment to my paypal. See you next vector file! Nice to post here again. Have a nice weekend! ;)

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