Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Download Vector: Cute Horse Cartoon

I'm forget that I have horse vector cartoon file in my computer since long time ago. I'm forget to post it here. Because I'm very busy with vector order everyday. But I enjoy it. But I have to post vector file here regularly. Oh that is so confusing to spent my time.

OK, this day I've finished my job earlier. In order to spend time posting vector file here. Here it is, cute horse vector!

Download Vector: Cute Horse Cartoon

Still with cartoon series. I just redraw from image somewhere. Very tiny image, but still caught to my eyes. So, about half of an hour I've finished all this vector. Very fast because not so complicated vector.

Here the file that you can download for may purpose. It's free. But if you wanna buy it. Just email me: ndop@dzofar.com. And I will delete this post! ;) Thanks!

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