Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Download Vector: Halftone Background (circle dots)

Hi, I'm so in full of sin for this blog. Looong time no update. Yes I'm so lazy. I did not realize that I have another blog in English here.

So, okay, let's start to write this short article.

Many friends on my facebook ask me to give them background like I use in many of my vector artwork. Maybe they don't know what's the name of that vector. So, I wanna tell you that it's called "halftone".

You can start to search it in google with keyword: "Halftone vector" and you will get a lot of halftone styles. But I think so many people want halftone like what I have.

Halftone Vector Background
You can use it for you vector background. Make it with a proper colors and do not too much do with contrast color. Because this halftone is so annoying sometime if you do not have sensitivity about colors.

Okay, I think it's enough for this article. Go ahead for download the file below:

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